Refund Policy

This Refund Policy (“Policy”) applies to the following purchases: Cakes & Sweets through our online website, email or phone.


(a) We offer refunds, repairs and replacements in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law and on the terms set out in this Refund Policy (“Policy”).

(b) Any benefits set out in this Policy may apply in addition to consumer’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law .

(c) Before making a purchase, please read this Policy so that you can understand your rights and what you can expect from us if you are not satisfied with your order.

Australian Consumer Law

(a) Under the Australian Consumer Law:

(i) Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. 

(A) to cancel your service contract with us you need to do so with 2 weeks notice of your order completion date; and

(B) to a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value. In the case of a refund a $50 administration fee will be non refundable from your deposit. 

(b) We offer refunds, repairs, and replacements in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.

(c) The Australian Consumer Law provides a set of Consumer Guarantees which protect consumers when they buy products and services.

(d) If the Australian Consumer Law applies, then we cannot avoid the Consumer Guarantees which it provides. If there is an inconsistency between this Policy and the Australian Consumer Law, the Australian Consumer Law will prevail.

(e) Further information about the Australian Consumer Law and these Consumer Guarantees is available from the website of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission .

Cancellation and Change of Mind

We do not offer any refund if you change your mind, or find the same product or service cheaper elsewhere.


(a) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Policy, we may refuse to provide a repair, replacement or refund for a product or service purchased by you if:

(i) You misused the said product in a way which caused the problem.

(ii) You knew or were made aware of the problem(s) with the product or service before you purchased it.

(iii) You asked for a service to be done in a certain manner, or you asked for alterations to a product, against our advice, or you were unclear about what you wanted.

(iv) Any other exceptions that apply under the Australian Consumer Law.

Response Time

We aim to process any requests within 2 business days days of receipt.

Return Products

Every cake is baked to order and cannot be returned. Custom orders will not be able to be returned and resold.

Contact Us

If you wish to speak to us about this Policy or about any refund, repairs or replacements, please contact us at:

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